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Kitikiti Scalp Skin Treatment Non-Oily 4 Oz.

Kitikiti Scalp Skin Treatment Non-Oily 4 Oz.

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A non-oily solution for chronically itchy skin? Experience itching skin relief from fungi-related conditions from eczema, psoriasis, and seborrhea, to dandruff and scalp issues with KitiKiti Scalp and Skin Treatment! With KitiKti, you can finally say hello to flawlessness, and goodbye to unsightly bumps and burns! It’s the ideal topical for treating hair bumps caused by shaving. How about flaky eyebrows and mustaches? This solution will also work to help control dryness which leads to flakes. Each container of our skin repair solution includes nourishing ingredients, like Vitamin E and aloe vera, ensuring that your skin stays hydrated & healthy! Even better, this blend does not contain harsh chemicals, preventing further irritations along the way. Simply apply a generous amount of the liquid ointment and thoroughly massage it onto the affected area. We recommend daily application for more noticeable results. Now available in a non-oily formula, it’s suitable for several skin types. KitiKiti Scalp & Skin Treatment is also available as an eczema ointment in gel form. Get rid of skin and scalp conditions with KitiKiti today!
  • Targets Skin Conditions - A seborrhea & eczema ointment for skin irritations.

  • Prevents Flakes - Use KitiKiti skin repair to prevent & control dandruff.

  • Soothes Hair Bumps - Reduces bumps on eyebrows and mustache zones.

  • May Help with Hair Thinning - This antibacterial ointment promotes healthy hair.

  • Non-Oily Formula - An itching skin relief topical suitable for all skin types

  • Rich In Vitamin E & Aloe Vera - Nourishes and hydrates the skin and scalp, too!

  • Easy To Apply - Use this skin rash treatment adults trust any time, anywhere.