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Instant control

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  • Instant Control Edge & Braid Gel Maximum Hold 8oz

    Professional Braider's Choice

     Fast drying formula keeps unruly edges on point without flaking or melting away.

    • It works like no other, keeping unruly edges on point without flaking, whitening or premature melting.
    • Professional Braiders' choice. Excellent for Braiding as well as smoothing edges.
    • Straight or Curly hair - Designed to work with all types of hair including medium to coarse textures. Fast drying - Drying time has been drastically reduced to eliminate the hassle of having to wrapping the hair until the gel dries.


    • Condition & Protect - Will not dry out or break the hair. Proprietary conditioning formula locks in your natural moisture from within while blocking out humidity and heat from the environment to protect against premature melting.

    Recommendations : This is a concentrated formula. Heavy application may result in less than desirable performance and appearance. It's suggested to apply thin layers for optimum performance. This product is designed to rinse out with water. Sweating or being exposed to high levels of humidity will reduce hold and endurance.


    1. Use on clean hair - apply a small dab on the fingertip to smooth down edges. Spread a thin and even coat.
    2. Use a small brush to create your style.
    3. Let it dry in open air. The product will start to cure in 5 - 10 minutes on to its maximum strength in about an hour.
    4. To remove, rinse with water.